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School Crashers

School Crashers is our school makeover program that unites communities, media partners, donors and volunteers to complete improvement projects for deserving schools.

Congratulations 2023 School Crashers Recipients

We are excited to announce our full list of grant recipients, marking the 10th year of our program to enhance the learning environments for students and educators.

Each year, the Georgia United Foundation partners with Georgia United Credit Union to offer its School Crashers program to accredited K-12 schools in Georgia. The School Crashers grant program is designed to unite communities, donors and volunteers to complete and support local improvement projects for deserving schools. Over the last nine years, School Crashers has positively impacted the learning environments for children at 63 schools with improvements valued at $1.8 million.


Suwanee, GA

Burnette Elementary in Suwanee is home to 629 students, including more than 130 special education students with various levels of learning disabilities. Many general education students also have social emotional and behavioral needs. These students will benefit from spending time in a sensory room that will help them improve their visual, auditory and tactile processing, improve gross motor skills and help them self-regulate their behaviors, which ultimately improves focus. Their School Crashers and Mohawk Flooring grants will transform a space next to pre-K classrooms into a hybrid sensory room with a calming side and an active side. Suggested features include sensory-based equipment, along with tactile walls, soft optic tunnels, bubble tubes, balance beams and swings.

Westside Elementary School

Rocky Face, GA

Westside Elementary School is a Title I school in Rocky Face. The school's pre-K through fifth grade students come from all walks of life, including the highest number of elementary-age special education students in the county. Some members of the overall student body struggle to manage the variety of emotions they encounter on a daily basis. A sensory room, made possible by School Crashers and Mohawk Flooring grants, will provide the environment and stimuli needed for students to regain emotional regulation and serve as a safe place to decompress and quickly return to academic learning.

Salem Middle School

Stonecrest, GA

Salem Middle School in Stonecrest is a Title I school that serves more than 1,000 students each year. Salem Middle was nominated for two specific areas. The first will focus on upgrades to the school's counseling area. Since the students' return to in-classroom instruction after the pandemic-induced virtual model, the school has seen an increase in the number of students requesting to speak with the counselor about feeling anxious, afraid, hopeless or confused. To accommodate this increase, the School Crashers and Mohawk Flooring grants will remake the counseling center into an aesthetically pleasing hub of student achievement with a warm, welcoming environment. The second area of focus will be a faculty recharge room envisioned as a collaborative space where teachers and staff can interact with colleagues, plan lessons, discuss education concerns and refresh after a stressful class period.

Windsor Forest Elementary School

Savannah, GA

Windsor Forest Elementary School in Savannah is a Title I school with approximately 700 students. This facility's School Crashers and Mohawk Flooring grants will provide a rejuvenating space where teachers can take a restorative moment during their stressful day. Transforming the teacher's lounge into a faculty recharge room will create a quiet and relaxing space with new furniture and appliances, walls painted in soothing colors, contemporary decor, appropriate lighting and refreshing aroma. Positively affecting the well-being of teachers enhances their ability to motivate academic achievement in their students.

High Shoals Elementary School

Bishop, GA

High Shoals Elementary School in Bishop has 525 students and has experienced an increase in students with anxiety, poor emotional regulation and sensory processing deficits. The School Crashers and Mohawk Flooring grants will be used to create a sensory room. The sensory room will allow staff to provide interventions aimed at reducing challenging behaviors associated with trauma, autism, ADHD and anxiety. It will include specialized equipment designed to reduce anxiety, improve focus and minimize social-emotional behaviors through sensory integration. This will help students regain focus and regulate emotions and behavior for quick returns to their regularly scheduled daily school activities.

Kingston Elementary School

Kingston, GA

Kingston Elementary School is a Title I school in Kingston (Bartow County) with a student population of 562. With a high percentage of students considered economically disadvantaged, learning to speak English, in foster care and experiencing homelessness, the school's mission is to collaboratively engage students in meaningful learning experiences and support their emotional and social needs. The School Crashers grant will be used for a sensory pathway to help students engage and navigate the monumental social and emotional challenges they experience. 

Cass Middle School

Cartersville, GA

Cass Middle School in Cartersville opened in 1993 and has 900 students, making it the largest middle school in Bartow County and also one of the oldest. The School Crashers and Mohawk Flooring grants will provide a fresh space for hard-working staff members to reenergize. The new faculty recharge room will serve as a welcoming environment for teachers. It will provide a comfortable place for them to take quick respites when necessary, boosting their morale, which will positively impact student morale.