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School Crashers

School Crashers unites communities, media partners, donors and volunteers to complete improvement projects for deserving schools.

School Crashers Applications are Under Review

The nomination period for Georgia United Foundation's School Crashers program has officially closed! We're currently hard at work reviewing all of the amazing applications submitted, and we can't wait to announce the lucky grant recipients later this March. Stay tuned! 

We look forward to help improve the learning environment for even more students and educators in 2024.

If you'd like to support this year's School Crashers program, please donate online and select School Crashers.



Words could never express how amazing it feels to enter our renovated spaces. The difference between the before and afters is like night and day. The faculty, staff and students were totally shocked by the upgrades provided through the School Crashers Grant from Georgia United Foundation and program sponsors. I am a 23 year educator in the Dekalb County School District. This by far is the best thing that has ever happened to me as an employee. We cannot thank you enough for choosing us for this unique opportunity. The Salem Middle School family is eternally grateful.
- Tiffanie B., Head Counselor, Salem Middle School
What an amazing program! Thank you to all the School Crashers contributors for making our newly created faculty recharge room a reality for the staff at Windsor Forest Elementary School. The staff looks forward to recharging here to focus on increasing student motivation and achievement.
- Dr. Trikia G., Principal, Windsor Forest Elementary
WOWSA! What a remarkable transformation! Thank you for bringing our vision to fruition! Beyond all expectations! We can’t wait to restore and recharge with our new space. With heartfelt gratitude.
- Barbara S., First Grade Teacher DLI, Windsor Forest Elementary School
Thank you! I do not have enough words to express my gratitude to Georgia United Foundation's School Crashers. I am overwhelmed with joy and indeed grateful for the total transformation of the teachers’ lounge at Salem Middle School. The lounge is inviting and relaxing, and it provides the teachers a space to RECHARGE! Thank you for selecting our proposal and making some much-needed improvements for our teachers at Salem Middle School.
- Dr. Lisa M., Executive Administrator, DeKalb County School District
We are thrilled to have the opportunity to offer a sensory room for students of all ages and abilities. Students who need a break to regroup and refocus will have a dedicated and private space to work through their feelings and emotions. The sensory room created by Georgia United Foundation offers students multiple methods of re-centering and regulating their minds and bodies. Calm minds and bodies are necessities for academic and social learning to occur. The sensory room gives students a place to go to get regulated so they can get back to class and move on with their learning.
- Jennifer W., Principal, High Shoals Elementary School
Our students with sensory needs now have a space where their needs can be met. Previously when our students needed a "brain break" we would go for walks or spend time in an empty space, this often left our students coming back into class with a lot of energy. This room will provide them with the tools they need to be successful for the rest of their day and this room will serve as another resource that teachers can utilize when they see a student struggling in the classroom. This program is super important because it immediately serves a specific need in the community. We were able to start our project at the end of May and were able to complete it by the end of July.
- Megan S., Special Education Interrelated Teacher, High Shoals Elementary School
Our staff will be positively affected by having a truly comfortable space where they can take a mindful break. School Crashers has truly been a blessing to our school. As educators, we often put ourselves 2nd and forget that we also must take care of ourselves or we're not providing the best services to our students. School Crashers has provided us with a space that we otherwise would not be able to have. We cannot thank Georgia United Foundation and their volunteers enough.
- Lindsay K., School Counselor, Cass Middle School
Having the students primed and ready for learning makes the job of every teacher more successful. The sensory room offers teachers an effective intervention for their students. In addition, sometimes adults need a space to calm and recharge. We already find ourselves fully utilizing this amazing space!
- Melissa D., Assistant Principal, Burnette Elementary School
Words are never enough to express appreciation, but your team's hard work truly was a blessing for us. We couldn't be happier with the end result. Many, many thanks to you and all the partners connected to this project in addition to the volunteers that gave their time to help us get it all together. You are all so very appreciated.
- Amy S., Media Center Specialist, Westside Middle School, Rocky Face, GA
Since our school was crashed, there have been SO many classes using the courtyard! We love it!!! And we're trying to get each grade level to take "ownership" of a space in the courtyard so they are going to help maintain it. It's so perfect for our school!!! Fits perfectly with our STEM focus.
- Julie F., Teacher, Brookwood Elementary School, Dalton, GA
We are beyond excited for our students at New Hope Middle School to experience the new sensory room provided to us through the Georgia United Credit Union School Crashers grant. This unique classroom environment will enable a special population of our students to have their sensory needs met in various ways allowing for optimal success in the academic classrooms and fostering positive relationships with their peers. We are on the countdown to the first day of school and can not wait to let our students see our new sensory room!
- Belinda S., Principal, New Hope Middle School, Dalton, GA
Georgia United School Crashers makeover was very impactful in transforming our building! This school-wide transformation was the catalyst that increased our positive school climate and culture, increased our CCPRI scores by 22.2 points and becoming a Title I Rewards school. Thank you Georgia United! You are our ROCK!
- Lisa G., Principal, Rock Chapel Elementary School, Lithonia, GA