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Previous school crashers® Recipients

School Crashers is our school makeover program that unites communities, media partners, donors and volunteers to complete improvement projects for deserving schools. Check out the previous recipient makeovers below!


B.B. Harris Elementary School - Duluth, GA

B.B. Harris is a Title I school and is one of the oldest elementary schools in Gwinnett County. Special needs students comprise 20% of the student population. While they have a lot of community and family support, there was a need for an updated playground. The current equipment has several sections that need to be repaired or replaced. With 817 students, Georgia United Foundation maximized this space by adding more swings, interactive games and equipment for all students to enjoy. School Crashers worked with B.B. Harris Elementary to help update and expand their playground.


Hillcrest Elementary School - Dublin, GA

Hillcrest Elementary is a Title I school that uses all of their available funds to meet the academic needs of their students. Hillcrest focuses on Pre-K through fourth grade with a total of 525 students. Recently, most of the equipment on their single playground has been deemed unsafe and was removed. The School Crashers program provided a safe, new playground for Hillcrest students to enjoy.


Jolly Elementary School - Clarkston, GA

Jolly Elementary is a Title I school that serves Clarkston's refugee community and has an incredibly diverse student population. Their playground needed updates and repairs to maximize safety and fun for these students as they adapt to public schools in the U.S. The 10-foot-tall monkey bars needed a new ladder and only a small portion of the playground is covered in protective wood chips. The rest is a sandy, grassy field that easily floods. It takes several days to dry, making the playground inaccessible even on sunny days. School Crashers worked with Jolly Elementary to update their playground to an accessible, safe area.


New Hope Middle School - Dalton, GA

New Hope Middle School has two extraordinary academic programs. They have a self-contained class for students with intellectual disabilities and a self-contained resource classroom for students with autism. Both programs serve students with diverse academic needs that range from autism, intellectual disorders, physical impairments, visual impairments and oppositional defiant disorders. Although each program has its own classroom, the students would benefit from having a safe place where they could relax to calm and refocus themselves. School Crashers worked with New Hope to renovate an old, unused computer lab into a sensory room to create a better environment for students and Mohawk Carpet provided new carpet for the space.


Walnut Grove Elementary School - Suwanee, GA

Walnut Grove Elementary has a very small space for recess and outside activities that service their self-contained special education classrooms. However, the equipment is not age-appropriate for all the students who use this space and it does not have the equipment to meet the specific needs of many of their autism spectrum students. School Crashers worked with Walnut Grove to update their equipment and provide wheelchair accessibility.


Chapel Hill Elementary School - Decatur, GA

Chapel Hill was the first school to receive a School Crashers makeover! With the help of community volunteers and DeKalb County School District, we were able to provide new carpet, paint murals in the cafeteria, update cafeteria furniture, improve landscaping and install benches.

Runner-up schools that received mini-grant checks included: Cary Reynolds Elementary, Valley Point Elementary, SAGE School, Whit Davis Elementary and East Laurens High School.