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Previous school crashers Recipients

School Crashers is our school makeover program that unites communities, media partners, donors and volunteers to complete improvement projects for deserving schools. Check out the previous recipient makeovers below.


Colham Ferry Elementary School - Watkinsville, GA

Colham Ferry Elementary is a Title I school serving Pre-K to fifth grade students inspiring them to excel in academics, build strong character and promote citizenship. The School Crashers and Mohawk Flooring grants were used to create a sensory room built on the principles and strategies of Zones of Regulation that help make the school more inclusive to those students with sensory needs. Often students who have self-regulating challenges stemming from behavior changes, anxiety and/or a specified disorder have difficulty performing well in school. The creation of this space gives students a devoted, safe environment with trained professionals with the skills and tools to help students learn to regulate responses to sensory experiences and emotions.


Heritage High School - Conyers, GA

Heritage High School in Conyers is a Title I school that serves over 1,800 students each year. With an increase in suicidal thoughts, aggression, depression and other mental health concerns, the School Crashers and Mohawk Flooring grants were used to turn a modular classroom into a safe mental health space where students can go to refresh, recharge, meet with the school-based therapist and focus on fostering self-care.


Radloff Middle School - Duluth, GA

Radloff Middle School in Duluth is a Title I school that serves over 1,400 students each year. Of those students 16% receive special education services. The existing sensory room was worn out, had inadequate or broken equipment and the space was not functioning as needed for the students. The School Crashers and Mohawk Flooring grants focused on creating a space that accommodates the students developmental and social-emotional needs for them to be successful in academics. In addition, an innovative piece of this project incorporates the peer buddy/student ambassadors from the general education population with the students in the special education program. This initiative will continue to forge life-changing relationships, filled with empathy amongst both the special education and general education students creating an inclusive environment.


Towers High School - Decatur, GA

Towers High School in Decatur is a Title I school that serves over 700 students with many living in non-traditional households. The School Crashers grant combined with a generous grant from Mohawk Flooring transformed an old space into a vibrant Counseling and Career Center for students to use to address their academic needs, personal and social issues and post-secondary options, including assistance with college and/or career planning. Additionally, the grant for Towers provided additions to the schools’ outdoor classroom, garden and courtyard area including the creation of a pollinator garden that will help attract bees and butterflies that will aid the 4-H Club and Air Force Junior ROTC fruit and vegetable gardens.


Westside Middle School - Rocky Face, GA

Westside Middle School is located in the northwest corner of Whitfield County in Rocky Face. Originally, the site was home to Westside High School before being converted in the 1990’s to Westside Middle School serving students sixth through eighth grade. The middle school years can be daunting due to the amount of changes students go through. The School Crashers and Mohawk Flooring grants were used to improve the media center space with updated flooring, paint and comfortable, flexible seating. The media center became the hub of the school when it transformed into a warm, colorful and inviting space for the students to grow their love of reading. Additionally, updates to the counseling office area created a welcoming and safe space for the students and parents to meet with counselors supporting their mental health and well-being.


Chapel Hill Elementary School - Decatur, GA

Chapel Hill was the first school to receive a School Crashers makeover! With the help of community volunteers and DeKalb County School District, we were able to provide new carpet, paint murals in the cafeteria, update cafeteria furniture, improve landscaping and install benches.

Runner-up schools that received mini-grant checks included: Cary Reynolds Elementary, Valley Point Elementary, SAGE School, Whit Davis Elementary and East Laurens High School.